"Educamos estudiantes con compromiso y excelencia"


"Ser un modelo educativo reconocido por su calidad y mejora continua"


San Diego Bilingual High School, whose legal name is Gutierrez & Cordero SA, is an organization dedicated to the education of children and youth from ages two until Diverse Education levels.

This institution offers educational services in Preschool, Elementary and High School duly authorized by the Ministry of Education (MEP).

It was founded in 1990 starting with educational services for preschool children. In 1992 we added Elementary school services, adding a section each academic year, up to 1998, when we started high school. In our first year of high school, we commenced only with seventh and eighth grade levels, however, we continued growing adding a new grade every academic year. We kept adding new grades until we celebrated our first eleventh grade promotion in 2001. Initially, San Diego was located in two houses downtown Alajuela, however, in 1996 the first stage our own facilities in Desamparados Alajuela was built.

In 2011, San Diego Bilingual High school proudly opened our sister school in the province of Limon, precisely in Mercedes Guácimo within the campus of the EARTH University. In its first year, San Diego Bilingual High school Earth, offered preschool and elementary levels services. Later, we added the project of high school services. At present, we offer the services of diversified education at the tenth grade level, and in 2016 we’re expecting our first generation of graduates.

Both facilities are equipped with spacious installations which meets the needs of our clients and most importantly having an ideal environment for the learning acquisition process.